We are so excited about this new venture. Earthwatch Europe’s image shows schoolchildren from The Wirrall planting their Tiny Forest in November 2021. There is an outdoor classroom area that can be used by schools and local residents. OVO Foundation funded the project and Wirrall Borough Council provided the land.

A Tiny Forest is a dense, fast-growing native woodland. It connects people with nature, captures carbon to help climate change and supports wildlife in the heart of a town or city. It is part of a global network and ninety-two have already been planted in the UK. Seven of them are in Scotland – groups in Glasgow and Edinburgh planted Tiny Forests in 2021 in their housing estates and parks.

We are lucky in Scotland. We are never too far away from woodland and green spaces. But we can never have enough trees! Trees are the lungs of the Earth.

So what do you need to create a Tiny Forest? Or Wee Forest as we call them over the border.

  1. A young Changemaker to plant the seed – sorry – couldn’t help it.
  2. A group of friends or a class to write letters asking for donations to buy equipment – local businesses or large companies could be eager to offset their carbon footprint.
  3. A small area of land – donated by a farm, business, local authority or school.
  4. Native tree saplings – silver birch, crab apple, beech, alder, rowan, willow…
  5. Earthwatch Europe’s support.
  6. And most importantly – keen helpers with muscle-power and spades.

For more information and to find out if there is a Tiny Forest near you, visit – tinyforest.earthwatch.org.uk