The Andes Amazon Fund have a PLAN. A vision for the future of the Amazon Rainforest.

For thousands of years, people lived with a close connection to Nature – a way of living they called Buen Vivir (living well).

The Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative is an alliance of thirty indigenous nations. Their vision is to spread the Buen Vivir Movement around the world.

First of all, they aim to create a sanctuary for the 86 million acres in the Amazon basin between Ecuador and Peru. Their economic plan will protect biodiversity and communities. Forest-restoration jobs will replace oil workers and tree fellers. And by 2031, all energy will be from renewable sources.

The Forest Wisdom University will teach students from around the globe. They will learn about agroforestry, building small green urban developments and the power of medicinal plants in healing.

These are only some of the Amazon Andes Fund’s goals. You can watch their short film on YouTube – Amazonia 2041: A Vision From the Future