I LOVE my new bag! In its previous life, it was an inflatable Stonehenge and bouncy castle.

The bag was made by an inspirational, family business called Wyatt and Jack. They repurpose plastic by turning it into wallets, tote bags, rucksacks and more. People leave broken paddling pools, dinghies, deckchairs and trampolines outside their workshop all the time. So, they have called this project ‘Inflatable Amnesty’.

The team have a Crowdfunding page as they need bigger premises to store their inflatables. And their vision is to upscale their business and turn it into a global initiative.

My bag is rather tame, so how about this one for a splash of colour!


There is one mountain in the Atacama desert in Chile, which is different from the rest – the fast fashion fabric mountain.

So much unsold clothing from around the world ends up in Chile. If traders can’t sell it, they dump it – 39,000 tons of it every year.

Clothing can take up to 200 years to biodegrade and can be as toxic as plastic.

Thankfully there are creative solutions: Ecocitex, a Chilean social enterprise, oversees 260 women-led businesses. They sell 100% recycled textiles and yarns and their aim is to process 20% of Chile’s fabric waste by 2023.


Perry Hall Primary School are the UK Champions 2021 for the Primary Award for Green Education in Schools. They won it for their brilliant Pass-It-On Project. The school’s reuse shop helps families, reduces the need to produce new items and eliminates waste. The scheme includes:

  • School uniforms
  • School shoes
  • Coats
  • Football boots
  • Fancy dress
  • Party packs for birthdays


A study by the University of Hull discovered a new trend – over 50% of young women are turning their backs on fast fashion. Instead of buying something new – why not re-invent the clothes you have. ReMode in Renfrewshire, Scotland is helping young people do that. Visit them at – https://remodeyouth.org