At 9-years-old, Caine Monroy was an entrepreneur with a BIG imagination. He made a games arcade from cardboard boxes in his dad’s shop. For $1 you could have one shot, but for a $2 Fun Pass, you could play for as long as you wanted.

Nirvan Mallik visited the shop and was so impressed, he made a film of the cardboard arcade. It went viral and you can watch ‘Caine’s Arcade‘ on YouTube.

Caine’s Arcade – YouTube

This film catapulted Caine into the limelight and he became a sought-after speaker on creativity. He was even invited to the White House.

Caine is now at college and is writing his first book. He is a junior board member of Two Bit Circus – an organisation which helps children in any economic situation. It provides learning experiences, encouraging young inventors and entrepreneurs. Their mission:

‘Imagine a giant circus tent for creative play, making, curiosity, imagination and community. That’s us!’


Inspired by Caine, Mrs Leckie’s class at Stow Primary School created their own cardboard creations.