Winds in urban areas can be chaotic, as you can see from this image. They can go left and right, up and down, back and forth. And current technology for wind power can only cope with horizontal winds.

However, by the end of 2022, O-Innovation could provide clean energy with their invention: the O-Wind Turbine. It can rotate clockwise with winds from any direction, even upwards and downwards.

The designers won The James Dyson Award 2018 and the judges were, pardon the pun – blown away by the product.

The designers tested a cardboard prototype of the turbine in Morecambe Bay,

on the west coast of England. And it was a success!

You can watch the video the inventors presented for the James Dyson Award:

O-Wind Turbine. Submission to the JDA 2018 – YouTube



So….calling all young entrepreneurs. There is so much work for creative minds to help the planet. Imagine the business opportunity to provide O-Wind Turbines for New York!