… OPTIMISTIC! Watch this trailer and discover the new climate action story.

Kiss the Ground Film Trailer (2020) – YouTube

You will find out the solution to climate change is right under our feet, as it always has been. To repair our planet, we need to repair our SOIL.

Check out this organic farm versus chemically-treated agriculture. Lush versus barren.

 Pesticides are depleting essential micro-organisms and soon we will not be able to grow food.

However, this inspirational film, ‘Kiss the Ground‘ shows how we can reverse climate change by 2030, if we choose soil-based carbon-capture solutions.

The thing is – when we damage soil, it releases carbon dioxide. But we can bring the CO2 down from the atmosphere into the plants and back into the soil where it belongs.

There are many ways to revitalise the soil and there are projects happening all over the world:

And we can also do our bit:

  • Create ‘Tiny Forests‘ – see the blog post.
  • Keep our front gardens instead of paving them OR at least leave borders for shrubs and flowers.
  • No artificial grass – birds and hedgehogs HATE it!
  • Do not treat lawns with chemicals. Grass without colourful dandelions, buttercups, clover and daisies is so BORING.
  • Nurture a house plant in every room, office, classroom or wherever you can find a space. They keep our air healthy.

As the movie says: healthy soil > healthy plants > healthy atmosphere > healthy people

equals healthy climate!

You can watch the full movie on Netflix.