What a brilliant idea to make sure trees survive! Ask a child to give a tree seedling some TLC and watch it GROW.

This was the brainwave of Elizabeth Wathuti. Here she is planting her first tree at the age of seven.

In 2016, Elizabeth founded the Green Generation Initiative. Since then, the ‘Adopt a Tree Campaign’ has inspired over 20,000 school children to fall in love with Nature and be environmentally conscious. And the project has planted over 30,000 tree seedlings, all with a survival rate of 99%.

The Green Generation Initiative follows a school model which has:

  • a mini tree nursery
  • a green fence of indigenous trees
  • waste management and a 3Rs corner (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
  • a food-forest full of mixed species of fruit trees, providing healthy lunches
  • and a park garden for education and recreation.

This green model is working well in one Kenyan school and the plan is to expand it to all the 47 regions in Kenya.

You can watch Elizabeth’s video by clicking below and scrolling down the page:

Green Generation Initiative✪ – UpLink – Contribution (weforum.org)

Elizabeth has spent a lot of time with Nature, listening to her, understanding her and now she feels her pain. It breaks her heart to see human activity destroying our beautiful Earth. However, she has been doing something about it from a young age, as an environmental activist.

What an ingenious way to campaign – on a pedalo, with no disruption!

Here she is protesting (peacefully) with Fridays for Future.

And receiving the Wangari Maathai Foundation Scholarship.

Elizabeth is now a celebrated 24-year-old and the Head of Campaigns for the Wangari Maathai Foundation. Click and scroll down to find out more:

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