The best technology on Planet Earth is Nature. It has to be…. or how could humans have survived for thousands of years?

A New York company, Ecovative Design, firmly believes that if we harness natural technology, we can have better lives, better food and better materials – at NO COST to the planet. Read about their inspiring vision here:

Our Story – Ecovative

Eben Bayer, one of Ecovative’s co-founders, grew up on a farm in Vermont. He noticed that the fungus which grew on woodchips was a very strong material.

Fast forward and his company has gone global – working with partnerships to produce a replacement for leather made from mushrooms. The brand has the perfect name – ‘Forager‘.

Mushrooms contain a wonder ingredient called mycelium. When mixed with straw, this fungus grows into a packaging product which can replace polystyrene.

And using Ecovative’s mycelium technology, MyForest Foods grow a delicious alternative to bacon in only 9 days.

You can watch the processes here: Ecovative’s Mushroom Materials – YouTube

Or a longer video on FB: (1) Watch | Facebook