Hemp is a gift from the Earth. This wonder plant has been a building material for thousands of years. Thankfully – an explosive growth in the hemp industry is happening NOW.

HEMPEARTH has designed the world’s first aircraft made from hemp. Everything from the seats, the wings, the supporting wall to the cushions are made of hemp. It is also powered exclusively by 100% hemp oil.

And the Australian company, MIRRECO has created innovative hemp products and manufacturing methods. Working with ARCFORMS, they are building concept homes using this practical plant.

A few amazing qualities about hemp. It:

  • is 10 times stronger than steel, kilogram by kilogram.
  • can also stretch and bend much further than metal.
  • is less toxic than traditional aerospace materials such as aluminum and fiberglass.
  • captures a significant amount of carbon.
  • requires less water to grow than cotton
  • even returns nutrients to the soil.

Nature’s ingenious engineering CAN restore the planet in so many ways.