The best technology on Planet Earth is Nature. It has to be…. or how could humans have survived for thousands of years?

And mushrooms are not only ecological wizardry, they can be beautiful too – as shown by Aaron Tipton in his image of one seen from below.

A New York company, Ecovative Design, firmly believes if we harness natural technology, we can have better lives, better food and better materials – at NO COST to the planet. Read about their inspiring vision here:

Our Story – Ecovative

Eben Bayer, one of Ecovative’s co-founders, grew up on a farm in Vermont. He noticed that the fungus which grew on woodchips was a very strong material.

Fast forward and his company has gone global – working with partnerships to produce a replacement for leather made from mushrooms. The brand has the perfect name – ‘Forager‘.

Mushrooms contain a wonder ingredient called mycelium. When mixed with straw, this fungus grows into a packaging product which can replace polystyrene.

And using Ecovative’s mycelium technology, MyForest Foods grow a delicious alternative to bacon in only 9 days.

You can watch the processes here: Ecovative’s Mushroom Materials – YouTube

Or a longer video on FB: (1) Watch | Facebook