Three years ago, Ubuntoo had a VISION – to accelerate sustainable solutions and restore the Earth.

The co-founders, Venkatesh Kini and Peter Schelstraete wanted to stop the ALARMIST approach to climate change and focus on constructive innovation. And they hoped to inspire young people to rise to the challenge, instead of fearing the future.

So, Ubuntoo created an online community of believers and achievers – a gathering place where competitors become collaborators and can have a global impact – connecting individuals through their industry-leading AI platform.

Ubuntoo: Solutions to solve sustainability challenges faster

Converse and design agency Propelland, presented a creative brief to Ubuntoo for a sustainable, circular Chuck Taylor shoe. As a result, the team have fast-tracked 15 prototypes that will be commercially explored.

The thing is, Ubuntoo accepts the facts:

  • Climate change is real, and humans are causing it.
  • Unpredictable and far-reaching changes will affect our food systems and the economies of nations.

But they are doing something incredibly powerful about it:

Connecting the World’s Changemakers – YouTube

After reviewing thousands of inventions to solve the climate problem, Ubuntoo are now confident that humankind will find a way to overcome environmental challenges. For example, the platform connected Mondelez with Hasiru Dala and TrashCon to recycle plastic.

And they helped CaffeInk in their quest to extract oil and pigments from coffee grounds to make sustainable ink.

Ubuntoo’s platform has a community of over 18,000 innovators, academics and corporation experts and research institutions.

Young changemakers – these are exciting times!