Stuart Cooke comments, ”I listen to people talk about wind power, solar energy, recycling your waste at home, etc. All good ideas. With gasification the wind doesn’t have to blow, the sun doesn’t have to shine. The public doesn’t have to recycle at home anymore. Gasification replaces this as 100% of all garbage is reusable! EnviRemed Environmental separates the waste and recycles nonorganic waste. And gasifies organic waste without discharging anything into the air. It is a closed loop system. All that is left is about 2% inert ash used in making concrete products.”

WtE facilities solve the overflowing landfill issues while creating a clean, green renewable energy source. For the engineering minds, here is the process:

This collaborative team can provide gasification units for any size you need—from 60kw mobile generators to 200MW+ systems, able to power cities.

EnviRemed offers conversations on how to transform landfill waste into energy, often at no cost to the community.