Ella Shone is the founder of this zero-waste ‘TOPUP TRUCK’, based in London. The recycled milk float is now a mobile shop bringing plastic-free shopping to a wider audience.

Plastic Free Shopping | Topup Truck | England

Ella’s big dream is to play a part in creating a new circular economy where we design waste and pollution OUT of the supply chain. She is also forging a new social way of shopping and encouraging people to form local TOPUP TRUCK communities – so Ella would love to see these communities spreading further afield!

How it works: customers book a slot, tell their neighbours when the TOPUP TRUCK is coming … and when the truck arrives, they file out onto the street and shop using their own containers.

At the last calculation, they have saved over 46 thousand pieces of plastic packaging!

“We need as much innovation as possible to tackle plastic pollution and the climate crisis and there is a sense of deep satisfaction that comes with aligning your purpose with your values,” Ella says.

Watch the Topup Truck in action:

The refill shop on wheels: Topup Truck (keengreen.uk)