Justdiggit is regreening Africa. At a local level. On a huge scale. Transforming the landscape into green, grassy smiles!

Regreening techniques include rainwater harvesting by digging bunds or ‘earth’s smiles‘ as they like to call them. The bunds prevent rainwater run-off by 80%, creating oases of abundance.

The organisation works closely with communities and local partners to restore dry land with tree restoration and by developing grass seed banks. All their projects are owned and implemented by communities who live off the land.

Watch their inspiring video here:

Business Solutions | Become a Partner | Justdiggit

Working in coalition with the United Nations Environment Programme, the World Economics Forum and afr100, Justdiggit are collaborating with global corporations. 

According to The Nature Conservancy, restoring nature is 37% of the solution to climate change. And Justdiggit are encouraging companies to help by offering them tailor-made impact solutions to repair the planet:

  • Timberland is helping to plant 10 million trees in Tanzania.
  • Tony’s Chocolonely have offset their carbon footprint by restoring vegetation.
  • IKEA has invested in the Green Future Farming program