Ask nature how things work + local culture + ancient construction techniques and craftsmanship  = sustainable solutions that will empower individuals for generations to come. This is how Warka Water Inc works.

Warka Water – Every Drop Counts

When Antonio Vittori visited rural communities in the North East region of Ethiopia, in 2013, he witnessed a dramatic reality. The villagers lived in a beautiful, natural environment but often without drinkable water, electricity, toilets or showers.

To survive, women and children walked every day for miles towards ponds, where the water was often contaminated with human and animal waste, parasites, and diseases. Antonio made it his mission to find an alternative solution for them.

The inspiration for the Warka Tower came from biomimicry. This is the science of applying nature-inspired designs in human engineering and invention to solve human problems. Antonio researched how Insects, animals and plants develop specific strategies to live in a specific environment. Some of them are capable of collecting water from the air and storing it to survive in the most hostile environments.

Antonio designed the construction to capture water then built the Warka Tower.

Warka Water towers harvest drinkable water from the air | Design | Dezeen – YouTube

Warka Water Inc realised there were other important issues they could help with: sanitation, housing, infrastructure and facilities. They provide technical training for construction and maintenance, and educational programs.