Another one of our home planet’s solutions to help us live a sustainable life, is the tidal cycle.

Wave Swell Energy, an Australian company, has developed a unique, wave-energy harvesting platform.

Wave Swell –

UniWave 200 is a floatable device that can be towed to the desired destination anywhere on the ocean. Once installed, the device can be connected to the local grid, where it delivers the electricity generated.

The company held trials for the device by building a 20-kilowatt test platform near King Island, Tasmania. It has successfully stood up to the fierce waves of the Bass Strait and has continuously supplied power to the island’s grid.

WaveSwell PowerUp – YouTube

How the UniWave 200 works – waves force water into a specially built concrete chamber through an outlet. When it recedes, it creates a huge vacuum which sucks air into the turbine and electricity is created.

As long as it protects the ocean’s natural environment, we are all for it!