Hello. My name is Charlie, and I am three years old.

My Gran was looking after me when her friend Ellie came for a visit. I was a wee bit shy, but I had something really important to tell my Gran, so I whispered in her ear.

‘That’s interesting, Charlie. Why don’t you tell Ellie.’

I stood in the middle of the room as if I was on a stage and took a deep breath.

‘Ellie, do you know that dolphins are in danger of becoming extinct? Tigers are almost extinct. AND polar bears could be extinct because the ice is melting.’

‘That is SUCH a good story, Charlie,’ Gran said.

I slapped my hands on my face. Then I crossed my arms, and my face was burning hot.

‘GRAN. This is not a STORY. This is SERIOUS!’

Gran giggled. ‘Well, that’s ME told,’ she said. ‘But you are right, Charlie. This is VERY serious.’

‘Astonishing!’ Ellie said. ‘What a passionate young environmentalist you are, Charlie. Thankfully, many children want to help the Earth and look after their future.’

This was quite a complicated sentence for me to understand. I just said to Gran and Ellie, ‘So what are YOU going to do to make a difference?’

‘Let’s make a list,’ Gran said.

I nodded. ‘Good, because TIME is running out!’