Children’s climate pledges were displayed at COP26 in Glasgow on a wish tree, but there was no official space to support their ideas and creativity. For the first time at COP27 in Egypt, children will have a seat at the table.


Image credit: Alastair Grant

The Children and Youth Pavilion at COP27 will enable them to hold discussions and policy briefings. The schedule has themed days over two weeks. ‘Youth and Future Generations Day’ on the 10th of November will be a particular focus for discussions with 14 youth-led organisations.

Young people remain understandably sceptical of climate conferences. They are routinely frustrated by politicians’ unfulfilled promises and the lack of urgent action required to tackle the climate emergency.

This year’s youth pavilion will give them the chance to amplify their voice without the barriers they often meet at these official events.

Illustrations by Tao Bullock