At 9-years-old, Caine Monroy was an entrepreneur with a BIG imagination. During the school holidays, he made a games arcade from cardboard boxes in his dad’s shop. For $1 customers could have one shot, but for a $2 Fun Pass, they could play for as long as they wanted.

Film producer Nirvan Mallik visited the shop and was so impressed, he made a film of the cardboard arcade. It went viral and you can watch ‘Caine’s Arcade‘ on YouTube.

Caine’s Arcade – YouTube

This film catapulted Caine into the limelight, and he became a sought-after speaker on creativity. He was even invited to the White House.

Caine is now at college and is writing his first book. He is a board member of Two Bit Circus – an organisation which helps children in any economic situation. It provides learning experiences, encouraging young inventors and entrepreneurs. Their mission:

‘Imagine a giant circus tent for creative play, making, curiosity, imagination and community. That’s us!’

Caine continues to work with Two Bit Circus on their Annual Global Cardboard Challenge. Over 100,000 children in 50+ countries make their own cardboard creations. These are a few from this year’s challenge.

Day of Play 2022 –’s Cardboard Challenge

Caine’s advice: If you believe in your invention, you’ll find success.

And as one of LA’s 2021 “Impact Makers to Watch” he knows what he is talking about.