Altius Urban Farms are showcasing the future of agriculture. Above a restaurant in Denver, they have a rooftop greenhouse using aeroponic towers to maximise their efficiency.

The environmental advantages of this system are:

365 days a year – Altius’s climate-controlled greenhouse allows for year-round production and consistent yields, even in the winter.

Less land impact – Vertical aeroponics enables a more efficient use of growing space, so food can be grown in an urban setting.

95% less water – Their efficient watering and nutrient systems produce eco-friendly, delicious greens.

Food miles – Altius supply restaurants and the local community, reducing food miles.

CSA membership – The community-supported agriculture system connects farmers and consumers through a subscription purchase. People know how and where their food is grown and can directly support the farms in their city or neighborhood!

We need to change our food production systems for the sake of climate change. Town planning in the future could feature rooftop agriculture.

There are already plans to launch Colorado’s largest rooftop greenhouse — a two-acre operation on top of a new sports complex that will grow and package nearly two tons of leafy greens a day from a perch three storeys high.