GreenPod Labs are the well-deserved 2022 winners of the award presented by the Biomimicry Institute.

In spite of India being the 2nd largest producer of fruits and vegetables, 40% of it is lost before it reaches consumers. This costs the country $12 billion in food waste.

GreenPod Labs produce sachets with natural plant extracts to activate the inbuilt defense mechanism which slows down the ripening rate. By minimising microbial growth their sachets extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

You can watch their controlled trial of grapes over a 12-day period:

GreenPod Labs – Grapes Internal Trials – YouTube

The company is aligned towards United Nations’s Sustainable Development Goals of halving the food waste by 2030. They are working towards making this a reality.

GreenPod Labs

The Biomimicry Institute empowers people to create nature-inspired solutions for a healthy planet. As the name suggests, biomimicry is a practice that learns from, and mimics the creative genius of nature to solve human design challenges.

Ray of Hope Prize – Biomimicry Institute