…… with natural, living moss.”

The pupils at Hampstead Hill Nursery can say this with pride as the London school has installed two CityTrees in their playground.

The German company Green City Solutions has developed these award-winning air filters. Using moss and digital technology, the filters can purify the air that 7,000 people would inhale in ONE hour.

Living moss has the natural ability to filter harmful fine dust, bind climate-damaging greenhouse gases and cool the air.

And due to the filter’s large surface area, the moss in a CityTree can absorb ten times more CO2 than an average 10-year-old tree. Plus, the filtered air is cooler — a refreshing effect that students and teachers will appreciate in the warm summer months.

The thing is…..more than half the world live in cities. And yet the air people breathe in many places is SO polluted it is harming their health. But fresh air in urban areas CAN be available to everyone and this is how a filter works:

Polluted air is drawn into the CityTree.

Moss filters greenhouse gases and fine dust and releases cool, clean air.


The company grows a LOT of moss, and you can see how they do it here:

MOSS FARM TOUR – Green City Solutions %Mossfarmuniqueintheworld


(1) Green City Solutions – The CityTree – YouTube