Let’s shine a spotlight on a school providing the education we need for sustainability and a changing climate. In the Indian state of Kerala, Chavara Darsan Public School is on an inspiring journey to become carbon neutral.

Seven years ago, Father Paulose Kidangan joined the school as principal. He was a true nature lover and started a campus project: planting a bamboo garden, paddy cultivation in a pond and organic farming of vegetables and herbs on a small scale.

A Nature Club Co-ordinator was appointed to inspire the student members and the farm grew and grew. Last year, the school cultivated around 500 kg of organic vegetables which the students sold in their eco-shop. The earnings are used for environmental and agricultural activities in the school.

So many boxes can be ticked with enterprising school projects like this: entrepreneurial skills, creativity, physics, maths, agriculture, marketing, teamwork……. But we will leave that to the teachers.

And of course, the school is solar powered, soaking up the Indian sunshine. 🙂