Highlands Rewilding is an inspirational green project in Scotland. It aims to be one of the most impactful accelerators of nature-based solutions in the world by 2026.

The Invernesshire company currently manages two projects at the Bunloit Estate and Beldorney Estate. It is increasing carbon sequestration, growing biodiversity, creating new green jobs and generating sustainable profit for purpose.

And citizen rewilders can invest in Scotland’s future via crowdfunding. They are tackling the inequality of land ownership by allowing people to share in this opportunity.

As well as a global changemaker for climate action, they are providing local jobs and community involvement. By attracting more visitors to the area all year round, the tourism will benefit the wider economy.

Jeremy Leggett, CEO and founder has said: ‘We’re doing something new with Highlands Rewilding which I hope will be viewed as a good contribution to society.’