Beach holiday anyone? For many people, this is their seaside experience.

Thankfully there is a project on a mission to eliminate the plague of plastics from our oceans through reclamation, recycling and education.

Ocean Integrity is the brainchild of Kieran Kelly, a fourth generation fisherman from Ireland. By partnering with indigenous fishermen worldwide, Kieran and his team work relentlessly in the most polluted corners of the world to clean rivers and seas.

Ocean Integrity has patented technology to stop all plastic in waterways including microplastics. They are also stimulating local economies by reviving crucial traditional industries like fisheries and hospitality.

A net heading to Indonesia to filter microplastics.

Their innovative Blue Ocean Program enables businesses to become plastic neutral, offsetting over 1 million pounds of waste plastic weekly.

Collected plastics are directed to the program and recycled into trainers, aggregate for bricks, foundations and retaining walls used in building new homes and schools. Their pilot housing program in the Jakarta community will incorporate additional eco-friendly technologies.

It would be great if Ocean Integrity and the fishermen did NOT have to collect this rubbish.

So please BE AWARE of the waste you consume and how you dispose of it.