Project Drawdown is the world’s leading resource for climate solutions. The project has identified WHAT the world needs to do – HOW best we can achieve the change needed – AND has a bold three-pronged vision over the next three years.

Project Drawdown      

#1 Accelerating new leadership by connecting changemakers—business leaders, investors, philanthropists, development officials and more. Listen to young climate activist and changemaker Aarfeen:

Climate Positivity – Project Drawdown – Planet Pioneers – #climateaction #climatechange #Askaarfeen – YouTube

#2 Accelerating science-based priorities for climate action—across sectors, timescales, and geographies—to make rapid and efficient progress.

#3 Accelerating new conversations – “passing the mic” to climate heroes who often go unheard – shifting the focus from problems to solutions and from doom and gloom to OPPORTUNITY and POSSIBILITY.

Project Drawdown is also drilling home the idea that everyone stands to benefit from drawdown—and EVERYONE has a vital part to play in achieving it.

The team hope you can help them change what is and what—with your help—can be.

Drawdown Lift: The Year in Review | Project Drawdown