Super tiny and super powerful, a Tiny Forest is a dense, fast-growing native woodland. But it is more than just trees. This amazing phenomenon connects people with nature, captures carbon to help climate change and supports wildlife in the heart of a town or city.

Earthwatch Europe planted the UK’s first Tiny Forest in 2020. Since then the movement has grown to 149 forests, bringing together communities, public sector and businesses. Six Wee Forests have been planted in the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland.



Planting is based on the Miyawaki Method. Japanese botanist, Dr Akira Miyawaki had witnessed native trees and forests accomplish great feats. From withstanding earthquakes while towns around them collapsed, to preventing the spread of fire and blocking cars from drifting out to sea in the aftermath of a tsunami.



We can never have enough trees! Trees are the lungs of the Earth. So Earthwatch Europe are seeking more visionary sponsors to join the Tiny Forest movement. MINI UK, Blackrock, Vaillant and Feverfew are some of their partners.

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