What happens when you are concerned about your life on Planet Earth in years to come? You take responsibility and change it…..

Enter the founders of erthos, Nuha Siddiqui and Kritika Tyagi. They have designed a plant-based resin to replace polythene for soft film plastics and an alternative to polypropylene for hard single-use plastics. Their goal is to stop plastic pollution.

The start-up’s products are:

Planet Safe     Biobased     Clean Tech     Microplastic Free     Tree Free     Zero Food Source

And compostable, transforming into a rich soil. The manufacturing process saves over 40% of energy and preserves 98% of water compared to traditional plastics, without all the toxins.

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Importantly, their solutions are fully compatible with existing manufacturing supply chains.

The company’s reach has expanded across 20 different industries, such as fashion, personal care, consumer packaged goods, tableware, lawn care, and more.

By switching to erthos’ eco-friendly alternatives, we could reduce plastic waste on an industrial scale.

Solutions are out there to regenerate the Earth and dedicated, passionate people are finding them.💚