Our Earth Mother has given us EVERYTHING we need to live on this beautiful planet. I was in awe of the snowdrops this morning and remembered that this harbinger of Spring contains a powerful medicine within its bulb. Galantamine is an alkaloid compound that is now approved in over 70 countries for the management of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

My friend, a botanist at Kew Gardens, says there is a plant for every ailment and disease. And yet we are tearing down ancient woodlands and rainforests, as if they have no value. Forests are not just trees, they are ecosystems and 44 will be destroyed on the HS2 rail link. The loss of these irreplaceable habitats is devastating for the people who care deeply for these special places. But especially for the native plants, fungi, insects and animals that call these places home.

When will decision makers wake up! Not too late, we hope. 💚

An ancient woodland in Staffordshire ripped up for the HS2 rail link.