Do you know that six lifestyle changes could reduce our carbon emissions by 25-27 per cent?

The Jump, a grassroots environmental group, commissioned research by Leeds University in collaboration with the global engineering firm Arup and the C40 group of world cities. Here is their research published earlier this year.

It found that making dietary changes is the single biggest thing people can do to reduce emissions, followed by giving up fast fashion. 

EAT GREEN: Reducing food waste to zero and shifting to a mostly plant-based diet would save an amazing 12% needed by North American and European countries.

DRESS RETRO: Reduce the number new items of clothing to three, maximum eight and save 6%.

HOLIDAY LOCAL: Reduce personal flights to one short-haul flight every three years, and one long-haul every eight years – 4% saved.

TRAVEL: Reduce vehicle ownership and if possible, move away from personal vehicle ownership, would deliver 2% savings.

END CLUTTER: By keeping electronics and appliances for at least seven years would save 3%.

CHANGE THE SYSTEM: To influence the remaining 73% of emissions, people could swap to a green energy supplier, retrofit their homes, or take political action.

“Citizen action really does add up,” said Rachel Huxley, director of knowledge and learning at C40 Cities. “This analysis shows the collective impact of individual choices.”

This does NOT absolve governments and corporations of their responsibilities. Without greater ambition from the public and private sectors, the climate crisis will intensify.