Do you know we could be capturing an ENORMOUS amount of CO2. From patches of wildness to composting plants, we could easily turn our gardens into carbon sinks.

While the average garden has about 5 plant species in it, planting around 30, from poppies to grasses to trees to climbing plants, would add habitats for wildlife. And we would know that we were taking climate action and restoring the Earth.

Even a balcony can be a cloud garden:

And there are so many places that we could create biodiverse, wild havens: schools, industrial estates, city centres, embankments….

Here are some stats, according to the Royal Horticultural Society. If the UK’s 30 million gardeners planted one medium-sized tree and let it grow to maturity, they would store the same amount of carbon as is produced by driving 284 billion miles (457 billion km). This is equivalent to 11 million trips around the planet.

Add the US, Asia and Europe and we have one massive carbon sink. 💚