From the age of six, Aarfeen’s mission has been to spread the climate action mindset. He coined the term ‘climate behaviour hacks’ and has created videos showing people how they can have a positive impact on climate change:

Ask Aarfeen about Climate – YouTube

When Aarfeen met Dr Tariqullah Khan, Professor of Sustainable Financing, he wanted to give us the facts.

In his latest video, Aarfeen explains that people born after 2015 must grow up with a different mindset from their fathers and grandfathers. When this generation will be 40, 50 or 70 years old, they could experience the adverse impacts of climate change.

Aarfeen appeals to ALL previous generations who are reluctant to change their lifestyle. The Earth’s resources are sacred and he is asking everyone to use them sustainably and pass them on to our next generation.

In Aarfeen’s words: “This is the time for climate action. Please do your part.”

Meeting with Dr Tariqullah Khan – From one of the Youngest Climate Leaders in the world – YouTube