How do you recycle redundant IT equipment? Dump it in a community skip and hope for the best?

Since the launch of their tech disposal app in 2020, Stone Group have created a revolution in customer recycling. They have prevented over a million units of IT hardware from going to landfill.

The UK company helps organisations classify items that contain harmful substances and identify those that can be successfully refurbished.

Craig Campion, director of IT Asset Disposal, says:

“By enabling quick and easy collections and responsible disposal at our world-class ITAD facility, we’ve seen the app downloaded more than 31,000 times. We will continue on our mission to work with our customers to create a sustainable future for the next generation.”

In partnership with Ecologi and the National Trust, Stone 360 plant one tree for each collection of unwanted IT equipment. Customers can track their ‘green’ contributions through the app, as the trees are planted in their “virtual woodland”.

Download the Stone 360 IT Recycling App | Stone Group